Poolak + Zach // Santa Barbara, Ca : Feature Edit

Through Love all that is bitter will sweet
Through Love all that is copper will be gold.
Through Love all dregs will turn to purest wine
Through Love all pain will turn to medicine. ~ Rumi

The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara played host to the joining together of Poolak + Zach in front of their family and friends. This wedding was so much fun to be a part of, the couple looked sensational throughout the day basking in the beautiful light of Santa Barbara. The entire day was exquisitely planned by Nam Lam and his team at Modern LA Weddings.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.

Yvette + Julien // Los Angeles, Ca

Yvette and Julien's story started over 7 years on the campus of UC-Irvine and took them to places near and far. Sometimes filming weddings doesn't feel like work, I just have to try my best to not miss moments that feel sincere or honest. With Yvette and Julien the day was filled with these moments, the vows they shared with one another and hearing the stories told about the couple reminded me what I love so much in filming wedding. Thank you for letting us share this with you.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.

Katelyn + Sean // Carpinteria, Ca

Katelyn & Sean had a beautiful coastal wedding in Carpinteria, California at the Bates Ranch Estate. Watching the day unfold, the couple had such an ease to them making their love for one another appear effortless. From exquisite vows to original songs this wedding had a little bit of everything with the band I the Mighty playing deep into the night for their family and friends covering everything from Taylor Swift to The Beatles.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Jack Harrison.

Sophie + Bryan // West Hollywood, Ca

Sophie and Bryan had a lovely wedding celebration at The London Hotel : West Hollywood with ceremony in Santa Monica at St. Monica's Church. The wedding was simultaneously classic and modern which I think exemplifies this couple and their tastes. We had the opportunity to create a same-day edit for the couple which screened during the reception which Candice edited and did an amazing job with. It was really wonderful getting to work with Sophie & Bryan and the spend the day with their fantastic friends and family.

Filmed by Robert Nachman & Paul Cannon.

Laura + John // Los Angeles, Ca

Laura + John had a fantastic wedding celebrated at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. I'd filmed there once before but after seeing how they transformed the space for Laura + John I was really impressed with how the couple put their own spin on the venue. So many of the details of the wedding were exquisite and well considered it made Teodora and my life easier in filming.

Filmed by Teodora Totoui and Robert Nachman.

Lauren + Matt // Ojai, Ca : Feature Edit

Lauren and Matt had an impeccable wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn in what lived up to the billing as "the coolest and most intimate wedding of the century". The story of how these two came into each others is really special and it is instantaneous to see how perfect this couple is for one another.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.
Music curated by Lauren :)

Hagar + Carlos // Ojai, Ca

One of the best parts of filming weddings is getting to spend time with families. As we get older it seems like getting our families together happens less frequently so it is really to get to be present for these amazing days in peoples lives where their family is there to share in it. This becomes even better when I get to share in these moments several times with the same family.
Such is the case with Hagar + Carlos, I filmed Hagar's brothers wedding (Eldad + Chris) two years ago and here I was 2 years later getting to spend the day with Hagar + Carlos. The rain couldn't stop this couple and their love which radiated throughout everyone who was there.

Lisa + Michael // Calistoga, Ca

Michael and Lisa had an outrageously beautiful wedding celebration in Napa Valley at Calistoga Ranch Vineyards. It was our first time in the region and we immediately saw what all the hub-bub was about as the scenery was exquisite. The couple was pretty exquisite too, in fact they had an easiness about themselves that made their wedding all the more enjoyable.

Jessica + Craig // Camarillo, Ca

Jessica and Craig were married at Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, California. The couple looked fantastic beneath a canopy of trees surrounded by Orange colored flowers. They had the most easy going expressions on their faces throughout the day, it was plain to see how perfect these two are for one another and how effortlessly they make their love for one another look.

Sasha + Jason // Los Angeles, Ca : Feature Edit

Sasha + Jason's Wedding (entitled) #SobFest2014 was a remarkable celebration of two families coming together. The couple had beautiful and hysterical toasts given by the wedding party as well as amazing musical performances. As the couple shared their vows at The Fig House before family and friends, I looked at over at Candice (filming) and she was fully crying at the magnitude of their words and the love we were witnessing. I want to thank Sash and Jason for having to us to film their wedding.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.

Eldad + Chris // Pacific Palisades, Ca

It was really an honor to be able to film Eldad and Chris, they both radiated with love on their wedding day. It showed in every detail, candle, and photograph and at times the wedding was so poetic and amazing the way it brought together all these different cultures, traditions, and families.

Music by: 

Barr Brothers - Beggar in the morning

Alex + Stephen // Pasadena, Ca

Every once and a while Candice and I get to film a couple where almost immediately we feel as though we've been friends for years. It isn't hard to fall in love with Alex + Stephen and their love for one another, these are most definitely two charming individuals. To get to spend the day with these two for their wedding was really remarkable to witness them experience the wedding they had planned for months and get to view their love which appears to effortless.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.

Nicole + Chance // Malibu, Ca

A wedding which culminated a 10 year relationship between Nicole + Chance which has spanned highschool, rival colleges and crossing the country to be with one another it was really special to get to spend the day with these two. It was a stunning vista to get married beside the Pacific Ocean at the Bel Aire Bay Club as the two gathered under the Chuppah to exchange vows and commit to one another.

Douglas + Deidrie // Los Angeles, Ca : Feature Edit

The couple was married on a beautiful night in Downtown Los Angeles at The Corondolet House. The friends and family shared beautiful stories of Douglas & Deidrie and the impact they'd had on their lives, it was really wonderful to be surrounded with people who shared so much love for the couple. From the moment I met these two I could sense their deep connection with another and commented to them at our first meeting how rich their bond truly seems.

Filmed by Robert Nachman & Candice Rose Knutson

Aurora + John // Malibu, Ca

Aurora + John had a gorgeous wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California. With pending rain the cloud miraculously lifted right before the ceremony before John and Aurora walked down the aisle. The couple was fantastic to work with their love for one another radiated throughout the day.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.
Music by: Alex Barnes & The Mountain Goats

Rocky + Stacy // Santa Barbara, Ca : Feature Edit

Rocky + Stacy had their wedding at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. They gathered their families and friends for a wedding to be remembered. Life size cutouts of the couple started as props, then swings, then dance partners with a surprise guest appearance from "Prince". This wedding had everything and the couple looked stunning the entire evening.

Katelyn + Andrew // Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca

Overlooking the Pacific in Rancho Palos Verdes, Katelyn and Andrew tied the knot in front of family and friends. The venue was spectacular and the couple looked incredible with the wind blowing through their hair as they shared their vows with one another.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Candice Rose Knutson.

Maria + John // Los Angeles, Ca : Feature Edit

The couple from San Francisco with hoards of Giants and Dodgers fans alike came together for their joyous day. The beautiful ceremony was held at St. Anne's Church in Santa Monica with the reception followed at the LA River Centers and Garden in Los Angeles. This spectacular bi-lingual wedding was really an awesome experience with Mariachi players, salsa dancing, homemade tortillas I'm honored to have had the opportunity to spend the day with Maria and John.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Jack Harrison.

Richard + Paul // Long Beach, Ca : Feature Edit

Richard + Paul were married before family and friends at the Long Beach Museum of Art on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. The couple shared fantastic vows with one another under the Chuppah and dazzled the guests with an amazing welcoming musical medley. It was truly an honor to be able to film these two and get to play a small part in their wedding. The day went marvelously thanks to the always immaculate planning on Nam Lam at Modern LA Weddings.

Filmed by Robert Nachman and Jack Harrison.

Daniel + Athena // Los Angeles, Ca

Daniel and Athena are an awesome and quirky and amazing couple, their paths crossed many years ago while they were living across the country and it took 7 years for them to reconnect. Their wedding was spectacular at The Los Angeles Natural History Museum from an awesome punk rock set list to a John Cusack moment this couple definitely put their own unique style and stamp on their wedding and it was an honor to play a small part in the day.

Heather + Tanner // Los Angeles, Ca : Feature Edit

Heather and Tanner rented out a beautiful estate in the Hollywood Hills for their wedding, which in spite of the overcast skies made for one of the most gorgeous weddings I've had the opportunity to film. The intimate wedding gave way for some truly moving speechs all the while Heather and Tanner couldn't take their eyes off of one another.

Jamie + Izzy // Malibu, Ca

Filmed at the Adamson House in Malibu, California. Just want to thank Izzy and Jamie for having me out to film their wedding day, as I pulled into Malibu the day of the wedding a heavy fog sat over the water but just as the ceremony began the sky lifted as if their marriage was heaven sent. It was a very fun wedding to be a part of and feel honored to have experienced it.

Music by:

Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping

Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden

Kris + Francis // Claremont, Ca

It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with Kris and Francis for their beautiful wedding and see their amazing love for one another. Truly wonderful toasts in an unbelievable setting at the Padua Hills Theatre.

Music by:

CatPower - Sea of Love

Meiko - Stuck on You

Priscilla Ahn - Dream